On November 16 I hiked the next section of Map M2 - 3.6 miles per the map, but about 4 miles one way, and it took 2 hours.  I tried out the poles Bob gave me (120 cm) and they helped me maintain my balance a lot, which was good since my knee is still healing.  A light rain/snow/sleet fell the entire way.  I saw many, many deer, some pretty close, and heard lots of gunfire.  Regular hunting season starts Monday the 18th.  I didn't see any hunters.

A fellow who lives across the road rode down on his ATV as I was parking, quite friendly, and asked where I was from and which direction I was going.  He said there was snow on everything and I'd get quite wet and have a hard time seeing the blazes.  He was stacking some split firewood at the edge of the road.  I asked him about hunters, but he said there wouldn't be any until Monday.

I put on my boots and gaiters to keep my pants dry, and carried a small daypack with the 10 essentials, spare socks, camera, and some snacks.  Going up from the road, I saw the first blaze where you turn onto a gravel road going up the hill.  I passed a very nice looking camp or house in the woods. The lane went straight up the hill, and I didn't see any more blazes.  A couple of places I consulted the mileages on the map, but I didn't think I was near any of the turns it mentioned.  I just walked up the lane, since I knew I had to go over the hill anyway.  At the top, the lane teed into a wider logging road, and I think there I realized I was off the trail.  I decided I was East of the trail so I turned left, and found the trail at an intersection with another woods road.  There I turned right and headed over to West Branch Bucktooth Run road.

Coming back down off the hill, looking across the valley at Jimmerson Hill, which I hiked over on the last segment, the mist and snow was very veil-like.  I couldn't resist taking some pictures of it.

2002 November 16 FLT