I drove to the trailhead going over the big hill out of Little Valley on Fourth Street, same as last time.

The first 0.8 mile was a road walk, then turned into a driveway, and then into the snow, which was about 3-4 inches deep.  Which was just right for walking with YakTrax on my boots and hiking poles for support.  Then I clipped the Etrex Vista to the armband for the Timex speed and distance monitor and I was in good shape. 

I got a little off trail going up the logging trail through the field, but soon crossed the blazed trail and was back on track.  It went up pretty steeply, and into the sun, and I think that is how I missed a blaze and got off track.  Over the crest I found the bivouac area after walking through a dense pine area.  Then down the other side.

Near the bottom, you cross a bridge over the East Branch of the creek.  Then you wind around and across a beaver dam, and up a steep slope to the road and Access 4.  There I stored my track, wolfed down an Atkins bar, and checked my watch – uh oh, 15:34, and the sun was very low.  I started back quickly, and then settled myself by remembering that I had been in the woods before at night on the trail, and I had my headlamp in my pouch.  I kept a steady pace up the slope, and my heart rate monitor was beeping the entire way, so I must have been in some zone.  I looked and my heart rate was 133, not too high.

Back through the bivouac area, over the crest, and down the other side.  I saw where I got off track, and was back on the road.  On the road I saw a deer crossing the road.  Then back to the van.  A quick change of tops, and headed home, 16:45.  Not bad for 3.4 miles.

This completes Map 2.

2003 December 26 FLT