Previously I left off at mile point 12.9 of map 19, Van Donsel Road.  This time I started by parking at Babcock Hollow Road, mile point 9.1.  I hiked East (mostly north) back to Van Donsel Road where I left off and then had a snack.  Then I hiked back to the car, 7.6 miles round trip.  It was very humid and pretty hilly, as the profile below shows.  I decided that was enough for the day.  I started hiking about 6:15, as it was just getting light, and I was done about 10:30.

The new (2003) Foxfire lean-to is at mile point 9.8.  I took some photos from farther back to show the picnic table and the fire ring, with the raised log bench all around it, but it was too dark and they didn't come out.  This is a very nice setting, with a nearby spring for water.  And I was surprised to find it empty, especially as close to two roads as it is.  0.7 from where I parked, and 0.4 from Bleck Road, which is gravel, but a much better parking place.

2004 August 14  FLT