Previously I left off at mile point at Babcock Hollow Road, mile point 9.1.  This time I parked at mile point 4.8, on Daisy Hollow Road.  I hiked over to the Harford Stream, but it was running too high to cross safely.  It had rained all night and was still raining when I got to the trailhead, about 7.  I thought maybe if I hiked East to where I parked last week and came back, and if it stopped raining, then maybe I could go on.

I took my little day pack and hiked in shorts.  I thought the rain was letting up, but then it started to rain harder.  After a while, it started to rain really hard.  Then it just rained hard after that.  By the time I got back to the car, about 11, it was just raining.

There is one stretch on this segment that has some steep sections.  A warning is posted on either side of that part.  I was using my hiking poles and had no problems, even though it was, you guessed it, raining and wet.

On the section map and elevation profile, you can see a nice climb in the middle.  This profile is going from West to East.  The steep part with the ropes is on the right side.

On the heart rate monitor curve, for the entire out and back hike, the lap is where I turned around.

I hiked in the rain and really enjoyed it.  Not any wildlife except some birds, but the rain hitting the leaves was a constant sound.  One more day hike and I'll be done with Map 19.

2004 August 21  FLT