January 3 I took my first hike of the year and went south to continue on the FLT near Solon.   I started on Telegraph Road and hiked up over Mt. Tego in the Taylor Valley State Forest.  I started hiking just as it was getting daylight, with a light pack and my Yak Trax.  Of course it started raining as soon as I got out of the car.  Seems like it was raining when I finished map 21 on the other side of Telegraph Road.

Up on top of Mt. Tego there was a little snow, and lots of fog.  It was nice and peaceful hiking along.

After cresting the hill, you walk along the ridgeline and arrive at a place marked with a sign board as Emmanuel Vista.  On clear days there probably is a nice view from here, looking to the West.  On this day I could see about 23 feet.

Coming down off the mountain, you descend through private land, fairly near a house, and down a steep bank to NY41.  Across NY41 the trail drops into a bottom land, which was very wet, shown below.  Shortly below the road crossing, you reach Trout Creek, which normally has a footbridge.   The bridge was broken down into the creek, and the water was running pretty hard.  I considered crossing, but decided being solo, and still recovering from knee surgery, that it would not be wise.  I took some photos and hiked back to the car.

You can see the second part of the bridge that had been washed down stream lying up on the shore.  You can also see the broken down main bridge.  Since I couldn't cross, I hiked back.  I drove around to the next few road crossings, but was pretty wet, and had my hike in for the day.

2004 January 03 FLT