March 27, 2004 I had my first hike of the season - the Spring season.  I picked up where I left off in January on the FLT heading West.  Only I had to park at Baker Schoolhouse Road and backtrack East to Trout Brook, which I wasn't able to cross in January because the bridge had been washed away.  It was cloudy and wet.  Snow 8-10 inches deep in places made the hiking very difficult.  So did my being out of shape.

This hike was mostly an up and back affair.  Up to the height of land, then down to Trout Brook.  Only a couple of miles, and took about an hour.  I didn't get started until mid afternoon, having been working at home all day before I decided to get out and walk some.  Good thing Bob Brenner told me not to fall off the wagon (training wise).

The Trout Brook was running harder than it was in January, and the bridge is still under water.  Even though I didn't hike far, it was a good hike, benchmarked me on where I am athletically, and a good beauty break for me.

2004 March 27 FLT