I parked and started hiking today from Stage Road, which is the 0.8 mile point of Map M23.  First I hiked back West to where I left off August 29, near the 21.2 mile point of Map M22.  Of course, I was on M23 when I parked.  This was a very hilly walk, as the profiles below show.  It was mid to upper 60s and very humid.  I saw several pheasants and a couple of deer.  The leaves are just starting to change, and I got a few colorful snapshots.

This concludes Map M22 in both directions and starts M23.  It sprinkled a little but not enough to wet anything under the canopy.  I didn't see another soul while I was hiking.  I hiked a little over 4 hours, and a little over 9 miles.

2004 September 25  FLT