I parked on RT 23 in front of the North Pharsalia Bible Church and hiked back west (north) to where I left off last time.  It was raining but I figured it would stop in an hour or so.  I took some photos of the lower and upper ponds, and the dam where I turned around last week and today.

There were some ice formations in the Canasawacta Creek along the way.  There were 3 crossings each way. The lower pond still had some ice.  The trail guide said the local people use the lower pond for swimming, but there was no one there skinny-dipping topless today! The upper pond was not nearly as impressive.

The dam doesn't look too good - not good enough to step across on a solo hike, anyway.

Back at the car, I had been hiking about 2 hours.  I ate a little snack, and grabbed my jacket.  It had cooled off, and I had a mile road walk, and it was getting windy.

So, up the hill I went.  I hiked about an hour an a half, passing the cut off for the lean-to.  On a level stretch, I decided to try some lunch.  I used my jet boil to make some black bean soup and a cup of coffee.  While it steeped, I applied a moleskin patch to my left heel and changed socks.  Batteries re-charged, on I went.  I had planned to hike about 6 hours today, so I made my turn around spot at the 12.5 mile point on this trail, at a road intersection. 

This map and profile are of the entire West to East leg.  So, the low point is where I had parked, at about 2.4 miles on this leg. I turned around and hiked back down to the car in just under 2 hours.  So I made my 6 hour hike, about 14.3 miles, 5:31 moving time and 1:11 stopped time, including lunch.

2006 April 01 FLT