I parked at a turnout on RT23 near Perkins Pond and hiked up to Johnson Street, where I turned left and hiked up to the FLT crossing.  There I turned left and hiked back to the Church Hill Road crossing where I last left off heading East on the FLT in 2004.

There was an inch of new snow stuck to everything which made the dim early morning very mystical and misty.  I hiked with just a daypack, leaving my overnight pack in the car for later.An open area in the woods.  Very pretty.

Since everything was snow covered, and hard to determine how safe it was to cross the dam at Elmer Jackson Road, between the upper and lower ponds, I decided to turn around here, and come back next hike, maybe when things are green.

The total hike was 8.3 miles and 4:11.

2006 March 25 FLT