2007 Rochester Marathon

I was trying to qualify for the Comrades Marathon and the Boston Marathon. I needed 4:55 for Comrades and 3:45 for Boston. All my training said I could make 3:45. I was on pace for that goal until about 14 miles, even with several unplanned bathroom stops. At that point I was pretty sure I could not make it, but I kept running as hard as I could. I ended up with 3:55 and qualified for Comrades.

My good friend Mary traveled to Rochester with me in the early morning, then waited while I ran. I saw Les Brenner at packet pickup at the start and he gave me my Fleet Feet Sports singlet that I had agreed to run in. Mary met me at the finish while Ellen Brenner screamed my name into the loudspeakers telling everyone "Here comes my brother's best friend from Syracuse, Greg Farnham. Mary and I got some snacks while I tried to recover. Then she bought me dinner at Dinosaur, which I was unable to eat, so we boxed up our meals and got out of there before I got sick.