I drove the ~90 minutes and parked on Durfee Hill Road, in Danby, NY, at the same place I parked in early March. I was hiking by 0556 and headed west from mile point (MP) 16.3 of FLTC Map M17, which was the westernmost point of my central New York hiked section. Given the stiffness and pain in my right leg, I didn’t plan to make more than 2 MPH.

Right after I started walking it began to sprinkle, so I went back to the car and grabbed my rain suit, putting the pants in my pack and the jacket on over my running jacket. I got pretty soaked, but not from rain.This was such a pleasant walk.

I actually made about 2.3 mph when moving. I hiked as far west as the crossing of Smiley Hill Road at MP 10.1 I actually thought I was at Michigan Hollow Road, but that was another 10th of a mile farther. I decided, since I'd been hiking 2:39, and my leg was already stiff, that I would turn around here. I made some oatmeal and coffee with my JetBoil and hung my jackets up to dry a little. I used a little bridge over the ditch as my picnic table.

Then I packed up and started back to the car. My pace kept slowing. Downhill was extremely painful with every right leg step. I stopped on the way to look at the Tamarack lean-to.

2011 April 30 FLT