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OK, let’s try this again. Trying to preserve my “old” web site created in MicroSoft’s FrontPage. There isn’t a software application that will automatically translate FrontPage pages to anything else. FrontPage is no longer supported by MS. Even though I have a couple of computers running Windows, and FrontPage still works, it won’t be long before web service providers refrain from installing Front Page Extensions, which are required for the pages to behave as intended.

Here is my web site, in construction while being ported over from FrontPage to iWeb and published from my MacBook.

Finger Lakes Trail hikes

Other Hikes - by year

Running Stories



    Miscellaneous Running

Work Life

Family Life

    Growing Up

    Grown Up

oh, and, a blog to keep track of what’s going on currently...


This is the development site for porting my web pages from out of FrontPage and into iWeb. When complete, I’ll publish this back to

Porting Greg’s Web Site out of MS FrontPage©

Greg, Jerrol and Carl. Jerrol came to town to take down his in service flag after having his arm blown apart by a sniper in Iraq.